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domestic camera pictorial book

domestic camera pictorial book

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From famous cameras that took the world by storm to popular cameras and rarities, this deluxe edition brings together all over Japan.
The unknown "Japanese camera history" is vividly revived.

2,205 models from the infancy to the present.
Accordion camera, assembly black box, twin-lens reflex camera, single-lens reflex camera, 35mm camera, toy camera, popular camera, miniature camera, miniature camera, special camera group.

  • 2,205 models of domestically produced cameras are published in two parts (Part 1: early days to 1945, Part 2: 1945 to present).
  • From rarities and masterpieces owned by collectors to prototypes from each manufacturer, precious cameras collected from all over Japan are presented in an easy-to-understand manner using photographs and data.
  • The rarity of each camera model is indicated by the number of stars in an easy-to-understand manner, and each genre is numbered consecutively for easier searching.
  • All the data is translated into English, and there are also interesting episodes related to cameras in various places on the page.
  • Based on a huge amount of information and careful fact-finding, we introduced domestic cameras broadly and deeply.
  • It will serve as a good guide for collectors as well as manufacturers and many people who deal with cameras.
  • It will be a valuable document for the history of Japanese camera culture and the history of the camera industry.
  • All of the recorded photos were taken of the actual item and the data was collected for this book.
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